About Us

FLEECER is Clothing Accessibility Platform. The purpose behind FLEECER is to help educate all Canadian Fashion Designers on a functional clothing based business model. Regardless of your expert level or economic background FLEECER makes clothing accessible by focusing on INTEGRATION, AUTHENTICITY, and TRANSPARENCY in Toronto. Always evolving, prototyping clothing designs to research…adapting to YOUTUBE and MEDIUM allows organic based education. Phase #1 was fleecerTUBE/LOOP a multifunction scarf. Phase #2 is fleecerSUIT & Integrations (3D Rending) & Virtual Reality Content. Phase #3 will be the completion the FLEECER platform in congruent with GLOWFORGE (The 3D Laser Printer) which will provide purchasable products and/or free patterns for designers to DIY (Design It Yourself). We support both the transgender support group — SOY (Supporting Our Youth) and Non-Binary Toronto with profits aimed at expanding their resources.

Fleecer is a not a brand, Fleecer is an idea.

Adrian Wu 胡明邦 - MTN - Neutrois Transgender - They/Them - Canadian Fashion Designer - Mathematical Design www.fleecer.ca | www.mingbong.com - Instagram/Twitter/Youtube/Medium/Reddit/Imgur/Vine/Snapchat : WUMINGBONG - adrianwu@adrianwu.com