Fleecer LOOP BLK



Fleecer LOOP is a 50% cotton and 50% synthetic textile specially designed to be the only scarf you'll ever need to own. LOOP is 1X2 meters of fabric. The cotton is woven by Fine Cotton Factory here in Toronto!

What makes Fleecer Fabric unique is our focus on warmth, health, strength and affordability.  

1) Reversible: For a warmer day you can pick the flatter side which keeps it easy on your skin or on a colder day you can use the fluffy side which is a much better isolation. 

2) Anti-Microbial: We worked with Ajax and Fine Cotton Factory to develop Fleecer to be Anti-Microbial. This is dye that is applied to Fleecer called ULTRA FRESH. This dye prevents Fleecer from developing Bacteria on it's surface and is good for over 500 washes. You can find out more information on ULTRA FRESH in our Transparency tab.

3) Pre-Shrunk: Fleecer is Pre-Shrunk which makes the fibers in Fleecer extremely strong and with just the right mix of cotton/synthetic yarn; Fleecer is strong enough to carry 100 pounds of weight. We don't recommend carrying people with the scarf but it is possible.

4) Wholesale Price: We don't have any third party distributors or retailers carrying Fleecer. Why? Because you deserve to get Fleecer straight from us without any extra mark up costs. We marked up Fleecer so that it's just fair enough to cover our costs and to you, with just enough to slowly expand. No it's not too good to be true! 

With the perfect combination of design we created Fleecer because we believe the future in wearable technology lies in textile innovation. If you're a functional individual who's tired of disposable fashion, Fleecer might be your perfect companion.  


Product now ships 24 hours after purchasing. 



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